Kashif Aslam & Associates


Sustainable design is a key component in our design approach. Pakistan is an energy deprived and a developing country. It is paramount that all projects reduce the carbon foot print and also save all natural resources to the maximum. We believe that sustainability cannot be achieved without understanding passive design techniques. Care full orientation of buildings, use of shades, louvers and overhangs, introducing courtyards and/or atriums for maximum use of daylight, limiting glass area, introduction of natural light and carefully detailed external fabric and roof details, use of recyclable materials reduces the energy load considerably in the first step. Use of active systems such as solar panels, cogeneration systems, LED lights, use of energy star appliances, motion sensors to control artificial lighting, appropriate lighting levels calculations for each activity, use of low flow water fixtures to conserve water, use of grey water for flushing and irrigation, rain water harvesting, use of BMS and smart technologies and limiting the building parameters further reduces the carbon foot print of the projects. Finally it is our utmost endeavour to use of low maintenance and/or permanent finishes ensures that the life cycle cost remains to a minimum for the project.

Our architects are well trained to use passive design techniques and our engineering team is fully capable to calculate & optimize the energy requirements for our projects.