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Muhammad Aslam Rasheed

Muhammad Aslam Rasheed

board_of_directors Chief Executive

Mr. Aslam Rasheed has over 49 years experience in planning, designing, project management and institutional studies of water resources projects. Since 1964 worked on more than 150 projects in Pakistan, USA, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nepal, Benin, Somalia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. The Projects covered Dams, Barrages, Irrigation and Drainage Systems, Hydraulic Structures, Canals, Drains, Flood Management, On-farm Water Management, Groundwater Development and Water Supply Systems etc. Had extensive involvement as hydraulic expert on safety inspection of dams, barrages and other hydraulic structures in Pakistan, Iraq and Kazakhstan, as well as supervision of hydraulic model studies for hydraulic structures and outlet works

Several Projects including Rumaitha Project Iraq, NDP, Second Irrigation and Drainage / LBDC Project, consultancy services to WAPDA for establishment of PIDAS and Nara Canal Institutional Development Pilot Project Study involved institutional studies for participatory management of the Irrigation and Drainage Systems.

Worked with international consultants including Harza Engineering Co., USA; NESPAK Pakistan; Greeley and Hansen Engineers, USA; and with ARCADIS Euro-consult of the Netherlands. He has also worked as an individual consultant with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, FAO and WAPDA. He has been a faculty member and taught Hydraulics, Design of Dams and Hydraulic Structures at University of Engineering, Lahore.