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Islamabad Pakistan

Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Islamabad Pakistan

The Royal Embassy in Islamabad is Saudi Arabia representation in Pakistan. It is one of 78 foreign representations in Pakistan.
The construction of Saudi embassy Islamabad is a project that functions as one dimension of the foreign policy of kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is objectified through architecture to design a building which should be a symbolic representative of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Embassy buildings are physical representatives of the Nations. In other parts of the world at there sublime embassies may play an important role for building bridges among Nations while at the same time at the worst they can become a reason of difficult relationships among both the Nations weather representing optimist novelty, straightforward existential, fear, self and trust or National identity. In Modern era, embassy architecture proliferates all over the world. Embassy architecture is used as powerful tool for making bold political statement about international relations. It is a strategic investments signaling commitments to relations with Nation while they are elected in an empirical fashion. The symbolic significance is also paid importance.

A lot of effort was made in order to design this unique building as the local architecture of its mother Nation-kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, Arabian Peninsula and Islamic architecture in general was studied in detail in terms of its vernacular architectural techniques, architectural elements, local materials, Islamic patterns and colour combinations etc. This project help to grow professionally as it gave a unique experience and opportunity to think at a different level. The complex planning of a large Embassy was carried out in architectural language of Saudi Arabia which gave a break away from our own local architectural style. It was a design which defected the true picture of Najdi architecture is the architectural style of the city located in Saudi Arabia.
Exterior keeping in mind the vernacular architecture of Middle East which consists of mud houses and mud when it is in facades which is why overall colour tones of the whole Complex are kept in earthly tones travertine stone which is mostly used in Middle East is applied as a finishing material.

In both interior and exterior finish Islamic patterns are used either as floor pattern, wall patterns or perforated screen they are all drive from the studies of historical buildings.
The scope of the project includes the design of master plan, main embassy building, ambassador’s residence and residences for the diplomats. The planning of the building is done giving significant importance to the security of the complexes. It is a diplomatic building and has its own security risk.
Two separate entrances are created into the building completely segregated from each other.
The chancery and attachés offices are placed in a complete secure zone, non-approachable to visa applicants. Although this zone is a part of embassy building and is internally connected to other parts for the movement of diplomats and other staff members, but moment of general public is completely cordoned off.
Other zones of the building are approached through front entrance which is also considered as diplomatic ceremonial and employees’ entrance. This entrances is designated for the ambassador and other officials of the embassy.
Whole complex is designed with great focus on security. Walk through gates, motion detection cameras, road blockers, metal detectors, walk through machines etc are installed at every necessary point.

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KSA

Project Value: US $ 10 Million

Site Area: 44000 sq meters

Covered Area: 75000 sq ft

Status: Complete

Services Provided: Complete Design (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Interior, Landscape, etc.) & Project Supervision & Management

Saudi Embassy Islamabad